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Amy Brown Ringmaster Iridescent Fairy Wings in clear with copper veins


These are small/medium fairy wings roughly measuring 31 inches wide, made with a very lightweight cut aluminum sheet powder coated in metallic copper and laminated in iridescent clear Diamond Fire film that reflects yellow, orange and green with pink and blue undertones. This style is the official licensed wing from the Amy Brown painting, Ringmaster. These are made with the slightly thinner 0.032" thick aluminum so they are extremely lightweight.

The wings are flexible and can also be bent to the angle of your liking.
A 'U' shaped back brace makes wearing them a breeze just by tucking them into the back of a snug corset or bodice. If you are not wearing something that allows for tucking, they come with clear elastic straps so you can wear them like a backpack.
With these wings on your back you will look and feel like a real fairy, as if you can fly away in these wings when you wear them!
My wings have been worn for weddings, ren faires, theatre, ballet, photography and even fashion shows, and featured in and on the cover of FAE Magazine. I have also had my work in the last two Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows as well as on Katy Perry in the recent H&M holiday video. Though they look delicate they are actually quite durable and are water resistant - a few photographers have had models wear them underwater, though they are really meant for dry land.

Please allow up to 3 business days for processing and handling. All orders are shipped via USPS priority mail with insurance, and take 2 to 3 days to arrive once shipped unless Express shipping is purchased.

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