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Ellette Painted Iridescent Fairy Wings in Earth Tones with Copper Veins


A new late style from the 2016 Summer Platinum Edition, the Ellette fairy wings. The wingspan if laying flat measures 41 inches wide. This particular set has a moth like pattern in earth tones of brown, green, and a hint of rust orange and blue from my own hand painted digital design. Inspired loosely by wasp and bee wings, they look as if they could belong to a real insect but are in fact a fantasy design.  They are constructed of two separate upper and lower panels, layered slightly for a more realistic look and are more easily posed by gently bending the panels at the angle you wish.
A very small hair got trapped in the film of one of the upper panels, so this set is priced slightly lower than normal for a painted set. Closeup photo included so you can see the small flaw.

The frame is constructed of a .040" thick cut aluminum sheet that has been powder coated, and laminated with an iridescent film and clear vinyl. 

Please allow 1-3 business days to fulfill your order. Orders are shipped via US Postal Priority Mail unless otherwise requested, which usually takes between 2 to 3 days for delivery.

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