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Extra Large / Giant Official Nene Thomas Painted Fairy Wings - MADE TO ORDER


MADE TO ORDER - Based on world reknown fairy artist Nene Thomas' 'Queen of Owls' painting from her Aveliad series, these wings are a physical replica of the set shown on the fairy queen in her painting! They are officially licensed through Nene Thomas.
As with all my wings, these fairy wings are made with a very lightweight cut and powder coated (in black) aluminum sheet in a .050" thickness and a laminated iridescent film that reflects a rainbow of colors. These are considered giant size, as they measure just over 5 feet wide tip-to-tip if opened flat, and 32.76 inches tall. You truly will look like you can fly away in these wings when you wear them! That being said, I would not recommend wearing them in extremely windy weather or tight crowded spaces.
These are best worn in a large open area and perfect for photo shoots. You will be able to choose your film color and I will make them after you place your order. The veins will already be powder coated in black. A film color chart is included although it does not show the newest colors, lilac, berry, satin white and neon yellow. Note that this set in the photo is using the more subtle iridescent film I used to use a couple years ago, but I have a very limited amount. The clear iridescent film shown in the color chart is the newer and more shiny Diamond Fire clear. Please indicate the film color in a note when ordering.

They are flexible and can also be bent to the angle of your liking. Due to the size and thickness of these I would recommend that you bend or pose them before wearing, I've found bending them near the base over the corner of a table works well. A 'U' shaped back brace makes wearing them a breeze just by tucking them into the back of a snug corset or bodice. If you are not wearing something that allows for tucking, they come with clear elastic straps so you can wear them like a backpack, though due to the size you may be more comfortable with something thicker for straps if that is how you want to wear them, like ribbon.

These may be shipped unassembled due to the size, with included tape that adheres only to itself. I have found this to be the best way to assemble giant wings, as this also allows you to easily take them apart for storage without having to repeatedly bend the metal brace and risk eventual snapping. I can assemble them before shipping if you need that, but be aware the shipping costs may rise.

My wings have been worn for weddings, ren faires, theatre, ballet, and photography. They have been in and on the cover of FAE Magazine, featured in the last two Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows and even on Katy Perry in H&M's holiday video. Though they look delicate they are actually quite durable and are water resistant - a few photographers have had models wear them underwater, though they are really meant for dry land.

Please allow at least 8 weeks or more for production and delivery, no rush deadlines on these. All wings are shipped via USPS priority mail unless otherwise requested. Please be aware that even though International Express shipping should only take 3 to 5 days, often times it takes longer if there are customs delays, and unfortunately those delays are out of my control. They can be sent via Fedex if requested, and although more expensive their shipping times tend to be faster and more reliable.


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