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Giant Fauna / Elvina Iridescent Convertible Fairy Wings in Ultraviolet with Silver Veins


From the new Ethereal Collection of convertible fairy wings with decorative brace, the Fauna with Elvina lower panels is now in giant size! Now they can be positioned in either an 'up' or a resting 'down' position without compromising metal wire with harsh bending.

This set has been done in iridescent Ultraviolet film with silver veins.

Simple assembly required. 

These are the new convertible style that can have the panels rotated into a resting position as well as detached for travel and storage.
The wingspan from tip to tip at the widest point measures roughly 53- 57 inches wide.

Panels attach with included standard screw bolts and nuts. The upper pan head screw is finished on the outer side with a domed acorn nut, which looks like a flower stamen if flowers are attached to hide the connected area. 
I will leave the flowers up to the customer for the meantime, so you can match your outfit. I just use faux flowers from the local Michaels store, torn off from the plastic stem and punched a 1/8" hole to go over the screw end. Then, screw the acorn cap on. 
Easy peasy! The closeups show the back of a different set of wings with black veins and brace, though the attachments and brace are roughly the same design but larger and a bit more simplified. 

Now, you can wear your wings in resting position by removing the bottom screw if you find yourself in a packed crowd. I suggest removing it while the wings are off, as doing so while they are being worn is tricky and you may drop & lose the screw. Not something to attempt on the dance floor but you're welcome to try - a magnet may be helpful for catching the bolt after removal and a small wrench and / or screw driver may come in handy.

Alternatively they can be assembled with rubber washers to make them fully adjustable - just grab the panel you want to move and rotate it into position, no un-screwing!!

It's now also possible to remove all the wing panels for easy transport, or any panels you don't want to wear that day - the antennae, upper panel, and lower panels can each be added or removed.

These wings are cut from a .050" thick lightweight yet sturdy aluminum sheet frame that's been powder coated and encased in iridescent film and vinyl laminate. They can be worn by looping ribbon through the slits in the brace (ribbon not included, I'll let you pick out whatever matches your costume) or tucked into any snug sturdy bodice or corset for even more comfort. They can be gently bent and posed to give them an even more life-like appearance!

Please allow roughly 3 business days to process and ship your order, and inform me of any deadlines or need of rush shipping. Standard shipping is USPS Priority Shipping unless otherwise request. You should receive delivery within 2-3 business days.

No returns or exchanges except in the case of serious defect, lost package or damage upon shipping. If you receive a damaged shipment or it appears lost, contact me asap and keep all packaging if damaged so a claim can be filed.
Small imperfections such as bubbles, wrinkles, etc. are normal as these are hand made products.

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