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Titania Fairy Wings Transparency Stock PNG files


For fantasy photographers and digital artists alike, you can now give wings to your images without the expense! It's important that you read the full description as digital products can not be refunded!
This is photo realistic clip art that will be downloaded as a file that you can use to edit into your photos, NOT to print out and make wings from of any size. It must be incorporated into photos or a larger body of artwork and never reproduced as-is.

The Titania wings are probably the style that is the second most stolen and used from my photos, but now you can have a legitimate set that has already been properly masked with the transparency in all the right places at high resolution. At 300 dpi they are roughly 9 inches tall, give or take a bit depending on which specific wing you are using.

Based on my real life Titania Fairy Wings photos, you can use and edit them into your digital artwork using Photoshop, Painter, Gimp or any other graphic & photo editing program that allows the use of PNG files and layers. Included are PNG files for 4 color variations, each with wings at 5 different angles & positions so they can be used in numerous combinations to create different wing poses and colors. These will look best on colored and dark backgrounds, and use of layer filters can make them really pop. Experiment with the different blending modes and filters in your program of choice to get the best look with your artwork. Hard Light or Vivid Light seems to work best over darker backgrounds, and you might find that keeping it in Normal mode looks better on top of other tones and colors.

Please note that you MUST read and abide by the full Terms of Use included in the pack. I must be asked permission for commercial use, however selling art prints using this content is fine as long as it's less than 1,000 prints. If it will be more than that I need to be contacted first for a commercial use license. This particular stock does not require you to credit me, however please don't take credit for the creation of them or be dishonest about the nature of them - for example, don't tell people you just 'drew them' or that you made the wings yourself.

These are sold under the assumption that you have the capability to use png files in a program like Photoshop or Gimp, and are familiar with digital editing.
This product does not include a tutorial, and will be downloaded as a Zip file.

The following people are banned from use of my digital stock due to past repeat infringements and / or lack of cooperation to professionally resolve the issue:

DeviantArt user Mary Neim / mlauviah
Ellie Paisley (Ellie Paisley Miller) of Technicolor Carnival, also known as Hazy Paisley, @ellie.paisley, @elliepaisleymiller and @thechnicolorcarnival
Belluart Etsy store and
Autumn DeForest
Second Life user Aenea Christensen
Second Life user Athene Forder

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